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We began with an idea to simplify pharmaceutical trade. We then raised the bar and developed Visrex; A revolutionary marketplace that innovates pharmaceutical trade. We have gone beyond traditional trade practices in the pharmaceutical industry, allowing pharmacies to purchase and compare prices for tens of thousands of different NDC’s from numerous different suppliers at below market price.

About Visrex

Visrex aims to advance the pharmaceutical industry with a marketplace that insists on buyer power and seller potential. Going beyond traditional trade practices, Visrex uses state of the art technology and tools that offers your pharmacy a complete solution to pharmaceutical purchasing and management control. Visrex is a web-based platform that allows you to shop and compare products and prices from different vendors simultaneously at below market price. This gives pharmacies the opportunity to increase their bottom line and maximize cost savings. Vendors compete, pharmacies win.

Pharmacies need a simpler and more efficient way of managing their business, we developed a platform that provides pharmacists a simple and efficient way of managing their orders and purchases. Orders and invoices are stored in your account and accessible at all times. To make this as efficient and easy as possible, we included pedigree document requests, return requests and order package tracking in all orders. With a simple click, you can request pedigree documents and request a return for any purchased item.

With Visrex being free for pharmacies, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of a win-win situation like this. Register for your free account and let’s work together to be pioneers in pharma progress.


Our advanced network unlocks the largest selection of pharmaceuticals at competitive prices. Shop and compare prices for tens of thousands of different NDC’s from numerous different suppliers with cost savings ranging from 20 to 80 percent.

Each supplier on Visrex undergoes an extensive approval process and are all DSCSA compliant and VAWD accredited/ VAWD pending accreditation

Risk Free
Visrex is FREE to register and FREE to use with no contracts and no fees. Vendors compete, pharmacies win. It’s a win-win situation

Easy to use
We built the platform with the pharmacist in mind. Visrex uses state-of-the-art technology to make purchasing just a couple clicks away.

Order Management
Take advantage of many features including online order management and order status. Invoices are available in your account with every order. With one click, you can track your shipment to see exactly where it is and when it will arrive. You can also view when the supplier processes your order!

Returns and Pedigree
Need to request a return pedigree documents? That’s not a problem. Requesting a return or pedigree documents is as simple as clicking one button. Better yet, pedigree documents will be sent directly to your account and ready to download and print.


We at VISREX recognize the importance of adhering to current laws and regulations that exist within the pharmaceutical industry. With this in mind we have provided suppliers that are VAWD Accredited and VAWD Pending Accreditation to meet your needs. We have also ensured DSCSA compliance on our platform by providing track and trace documents that will be readily available to our pharmacy accounts on every order placed. We also have taken the necessary precautions with regards to information provided to our suppliers. Part of our application process includes a Know Your Customer Section which assists in making approval for our customers by our suppliers simple and easy. Lastly our platform is 100% secure. Your information will not be shared with any other platform or database with the exception of our suppliers.


Meet The Founders

Ali Zreik
Co-Founder and CEO
Hassan Zreik
Co-Founder and CEO
Hussein Daoud
Chief Software Engineer
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